For 30 years, you have been giving us the strength to grow


For 30 years, you have been giving us the strength to grow

Our company was founded in Hradec Králové in 1991 and since then we have become one of the leading manufacturers of heat recovery exchangers and at the same time a reliable supplier of ventilation and air conditioning equipment, incl. their design and subsequent service.

We have experienced a lot together during these three decades and we would like to commemorate with you the milestones that have significantly influenced our company.

Ing. Petr Tajzler, one of the founders of KASTT, started his business career in 1990, mainly as a designer. After a year of independent business, together with two partners, he founded the design and assembly company KASTT spol. s r.o. and hired the first employees.

The first implementation contract took place for the University Hospital Hradec Králové, followed by one of the largest implementation contracts in the region, for the completion of the Aldis Congress Center in Hradec Králové. In 1992, the first plots of land in the Svobodné Dvory district were purchased and the construction of a production facility gradually began. Initially, the main activity was the production of square and circular pipes for air conditioning, in 1997 it was decided to start the development of rotary heat exchangers. The somewhat thorny path to assemble the first functional exchanger took almost a year. Over time, the production of exchangers has undergone many changes. As part of our efforts to offer a complete range in this area, we have expanded our production to include plate heat exchangers. However, due to the lack of capacity for their further development, we terminated their production 5 years ago and fully focused only on the production program of rotary heat exchangers. Thanks to the effort and energy we devote to constant technological development, we have gradually established ourselves among the most important manufacturers of rotary heat exchangers in Europe and we hold 3 patents in this field.

In 2004, several companies expressed interest in buying our company. The most convincing for the owners was the Vinci Energies Group. The company was sold at the end of 2004 and we became an integral part of a major multinational company, numbering approximately 2,500 companies worldwide.

In 2012, we obtained the international Eurovent certificate for the production of rotary heat exchangers, and two years later we produced a rotary heat exchanger with serial number 1,000.

Our company has always succeeded in making important strategic choices and adapting to changing market conditions. In 2014, we produced an exchanger with a serial number of 10,000, and in just 5 years we doubled this number. From the beginning, ¾ of the turnover of the whole company was represented by the realization of orders and only ¼ was production, but the situation gradually began to reverse and for several years now, the production has prevailed over realization.

Even after 30 years on the market, the hunger for new solutions does not leave us. In fact, the exact opposite seems to be true. The year 2020 was exceptional in many respects, not only because of the global pandemic associated with the spread of COVID-19. Thanks to our development, we have managed to significantly push the boundaries of energy efficiency of rotary heat exchangers and come to the market with an innovative solution in the field of air conditioning: The new generation H-wave rotor, which is another technological triumph of our company after the labyrinth seal and the Smart System solution.

The long-term existence on the market, including a number of successes, is mainly due to our employees. We would like to hereby thank them for their dedication and professional work at the highest level. At the same time, it is of course appropriate to thank our customers for the cooperation and trust they have placed in us over the years, and last but not least, our suppliers.

We are constantly meeting new challenges and we are ready to continue to provide high-quality professional services and meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.