KASTT provides service work with the aim of achieving maximum service life and usability of installed air-handling and air-conditioning equipment at our customers.

We are professionals who believe in quality and maximum added value for our customers.

What do we offer?

  • Installation and service of rotary heat exchangers
  • Warranty and after-warranty service of air-handling and air-conditioning systems and equipment
  • Regular periodic inspections, cleaning and replacement of filters
  • Installation of air-handling and air-conditioning equipment
  • Assessment of the condition and service life of the equipment
  • Designs in the area of reconstruction and modernization of existing air-handling and cooling systems
  • Measurement and control of device performance parameters
  • Overall regulation of systems including setting of regulatory elements
  • Revision of fire dampers, valves and closures
  • Revision of the tightness of cooling circuits according to Regulation EC 842/2006

Service of rotary heat exchangers

The rotary exchanger requires regular inspection and maintenance for its trouble-free, reliable and efficient operation.

As part of the service of rotary heat exchangers, we provide:

  • Warranty and after-warranty service
  • Regular service inspections
  • Assembly and chief assembly
  • Replacement of damaged rotary heat exchangers
  • Cleaning of rotary heat exchangers (air, steam deep cleaning)
  • Technological consulting with operations
  • Diagnostics of damage to reinforcing bars using an ultrasonic device

We service rotary heat exchangers of all manufacturers – e.g. Klingenburg, Enventus, Hoval, Heatex, Flakt Woods and others.

Service of air-handling and air-conditioning equipment

We provide service of air-handling and air-conditioning equipment in the form of periodic inspections of air-handling and air-conditioning equipment, checks of the operability of fire safety equipment, measurement of air performance, cleaning and replacement of air filters. Care for the trouble-free operation of your equipment can be covered by a service contract ensuring regular comprehensive professional care or carried out as one-off inspections, service and repairs according to customer requirements. We provide regular service in production halls, industrial buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, administrative buildings, schools, canteens, etc.

We are professionals who believe in quality and maximum added value for our customers.

How do we ensure that:

  • The work is carried out by our own qualified service personnel, who are regularly trained on all types of air-handling and air-conditioning components supplied by us.
  • The service center has at its disposal modern equipment in the field of measuring and regulation technology. These devices and equipment are subject to regular calibration according to the specified metrological order, which is established by the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 certification.
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